Who’s Feeling Lucky?

By: Peggy Nelson
February 15, 2011

Perhaps you have read of the exploits of today’s HiLo Hero, early 20th-century polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Or seen one of the many films, documentaries, museum exhibits, rescued bottles of whisky, or Harvard Business School case studies that examine from almost every angle the poster child of spectacular failure turned to unbelievable success.

But what if he had to do it today? Now that the Age of Heroes is over and the age of reenactments is decidedly, prosaically, here? Of what modern technologies would Shackleton avail himself to aid in his search?

[Doodle, www.google.co.uk, Feb 15, 2011]


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  1. In the age of reenactments, though most every media has failed to come close to the magnitude that Shackleton himself experienced, there’s a good chance that there is one man who could do Shackleton justice- Daniel Day Lewis. Not only would he get an Oscar nod for playing dearest Ernest,but he’d probably survive the winter filming on a steady method acting diet of tinned biscuits and seal blubber.

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