By: Charlie Mitchell
June 3, 2023

Photo by Igor Peftiev on Unsplash

One in a series of haikai by HILOBROW friend and contributor Charlie Mitchell. (Haikai are informal, spontaneous collections of linked haiku-like poems.)



pause to taste Dasein
thought cant ripping like cheap beer
In stoplight silence.

world-killing traffic
‘someone better’ve died,’ like a
sun god sacrifice.

knees of jeans soaked through
by sallow grass of thaw mud
memories’ kind reek.

parking lot franchise
dog lopes through weed-riven wastes
pipe-burst oasis.

a brick split center
out gnarls rude life against man
well-trod poetry.

rancid nalgene mouth
shallow river with sand bed
toes writhe in kelp nets.

banjo cuts my sides
in rail ruins and lilac blooms
the sky washed azure.


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