Eye Candy (33)

By: Peggy Nelson
June 9, 2020

Eye Candy always keeps an eye out for a good mashup. Today we’re featuring the consistently excellent soviet soldiers dancing (@communistbops), which pairs videos of, yes, Soviet soldiers dancing, with clips from current songs. If you loved Hamilton’s hip hop through American history, you’ll be pleased to learn that hip hop (and disco, and R&B, and anthem rock, and pretty much anything else you can think of) could also score the Cold War.

Some recent faves:

Amazingly, just like Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz, they sync up!



Also amazingly, Soviet soldiers…danced? Do they still (now that they’re post-Soviet)? Do ours do that?


One imagines that these mashups, full of joie de vivre from both east and west, might have brought down the (Berlin) Wall all by themselves.


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