People You Meet in Hell (5)

By: Adam McGovern
September 5, 2014

Fifth in a weeklong series of five posts surveying some of the main characters in the meta-monster Image Comics series Nightworld by HiLobrow regular Adam McGovern and artist/creator Paolo Leandri.

hotspot intro 2

Hotspot crashed into the narrative of Nightworld unexpectedly, but no matter how our cursed characters might improve their fate, his entry feels predestined. This mischief-maker had no part in the prototypical Nightworld pages, but darted into Paolo’s mind like Mercury, the messenger god, when we were preparing the American, “matured” version of the book.

The comparison is suitable (even if Hotspot’s tracksuit is no longer fashionable), since he is one in a long line of marathon spirits — known for speed and agility and breathless information. I gave him his name, interestingly several years before “hotspot” became a term associated with communications.

no end of them
Every drama needs a jester, and Hotspot knows how to match archetypes — shadow and light, Thor and Loki. He’s a foil for the somber Plenilunio, and though he may be revealed to have a tragedy that he jokes to cover up, it’s the one thing he won’t wear on his sleeve. Still, he’s allowed to switch roles and reflect a little bit if he can get his counterpart to lighten up, as we see in a few fragments from Issue #3, above and below — closing with a serendipitously mirroring portrait. Because the great interdependent character types can never die.

Pleni and Hotspot 2

West and Ward

Look for Nightworld’s first life to play out in Issues #1—4 in stores worldwide!


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