Idoru Jones Returns! (2)

By: Adam McGovern
November 8, 2012

Idoru Jones returns… in “boulevard_of_broken_code”! — second installment in a series of seven. (Read the first Idoru Jones series here.) Published every Tuesday and Thursday from Nov. 6 through Nov. 27. Written by Adam McGovern, drawn by Paolo Leandri.


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About the Artist: Paolo Leandri drew and co-created the Ignatz-nominated Dr. Id and contributed to the hit indie-comics newspaper Pood and Image Comics’ Next Issue Project (Crack Comics #63), with unreturned calls from Marvel, Hollywood and the avenging aliens.


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  1. I’d love to know the thinking behind Adam’s counterintuitive decision to have the woman on this page hope that the Attitude Squad might stay a step *ahead* (instead of *behind*) the artist. She doesn’t want them to catch up to the artist — but somehow, that would mean they’d have to… slow down? Is the idea that they’re working way out ahead, on the fringes — and therefore have a blind spot when it comes to low-tech rebellion?

  2. Yes, the acceleration of exhilarated pursuit can shoot you well past what you thought you were looking for — “gaining on” can lose a lot. I’m not sure I was more conscious of the paradox than this streetshocked passerby when the line came to me — but some of those leaps can crash you right into the truth.

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