Postcard Reclaimed

By: Mike Fleisch
March 29, 2012

I’ll leave this open to interpretation; just observing that rich found artifacts plus some googling plus a bit of subjectivity might be a good starting point if you’re ever creatively stuck.

common pleas of the gulf stream

on saturday morning in the land of sunshine
where rows of stately royal palms line biscayne boulevard,
bunny loved mildred,
mrs. b.p. adams,
from hamilton ohio.

they listened to floyd
and stayed at a motel
with a private pool
they liked better than the ocean.
mildred complained about jury duty
and bunny wondered what was between venezuela and russia.
i hope you are feeling better by this time.
the taxi was cream and burgundy;
they promised to do this again some holiday down the road.

opening the door of her forest green colonial
back in ohio
suddenly and mechanically obliterated
mildred repeated —
it’s good business to hire the handicapped.


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