4CP Friday

By: Annie Nocenti
August 12, 2011

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of 4CP, HiLobrow invited guest curators to assemble themed comic-book-detail galleries from 4CP’s collection. Click here to see all galleries.



I love monsters. When I was a kid I used to sneak peaks at my dad’s Monster medical textbook. Back then “monster” was a clinical term in physiology.

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I have a special weakness for monsters that glimpse their own monstrosity, even if for just a moment…


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… for monsters with a flicker of regret…


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…for those that don’t know they’re monsters…


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…for monstrous thoughts about to become deed…


…for the monster in all of us.

Years later, my dad claimed that he never had a monster book.


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What do you think?

  1. Fantastic Annie. I used that bridge monster too. He looks terribly forlorn. I think they still use Monster- something for those 8 ft tall people’s condition.

    And of course there a mutants wherever you look. My own cleft lip and pallet is medically regarded as a mutation. I have to beware Sentinels.

  2. Desperately trying to contact ANNIE NOCENTI. big fan of her work on Daredevil and intersted in talking you about your future projects. I work with a few producers in Toronto.


  3. Dear Ms Nocenti,
    Found this site because of your excellent goudou-goudou series of articles. Your comic writing on Longshot, Daredevil, Typhoid and the million short stories I’ve tracked down has always blown me away- what you said in your Kirby fire hydrant panel about coming into comics later in life is something that hits me as the great appeal of your comics work- you write as and for outsiders, but are always tapped into the zeitgeist. By way of example, here I am after years of not re-reading anything but your older work and I come across your perspective on a Vaudou ceremony (a subject which I’ve been studying for the past several years) amidst the ‘rubbles’ of Haiti a day after the earthquake that hit the east coast. Certainly lends me some food for thought.
    Do the world a favor and publish a big, fat book- it could just be a collection of journalism, diary writings, refrigerator shopping lists- whatever the case, fry some more brains and make people think- you’re so damn good at it.

  4. Angus, thank you for the delicious words, they tasted great and were savored. I shall ever endeavor to fry more brains.

  5. I vote with everyone else. Any time I get to read new Anne Nocenti, I’m happy, and this is a particularly wonderful piece.

    A little side story. I used to work at a comic book store and Chris Claremont came for a signing. He and I were talking and I admitted I was a huge Anne Nocenti fan. He said to me, “We’re all huge Anne Nocenti fans.”

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