The Next Level

By: Peggy Nelson
July 26, 2011

Cartoonist and HiLobrow contributor Joe Alterio has posterized some key checkpoints to help you gain the next level in the game of life.

We are also made more alone by our shared digital space. The conundrum of free public wi-fi, for example, serves to create digital walls which we can’t breach with normal every day interactions. Everyone is now in their own digital space of their own making. Our space perception is more and more confused with our digital perception of space; is the train station a level to beat? Is that bus to catch a challenge that will reward a player with points? Don’t I recognize this building from that video game?

Suitable for cubicles everywhere of course. But you’ll earn more experience points if you get out there and wheat-paste onto the appropriate surfaces!


Buy the posters, and take your game to the next level, at