4CP Friday

By: David Smay
June 10, 2011

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of 4CP, HiLobrow invited guest curators to assemble themed comic-book-detail galleries from 4CP’s collection. Click here to see all galleries.



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What are men looking at really?


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To see truly, what is revealed?


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To see truly, what is destroyed?


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Can we fill the emptiness through our eyes?


SIMILAR HILOBROW SERIES: CHESS MATCH — a gallery | FILE X — a gallery | KIRB YOUR ENTHUSIASM — 25 Jack Kirby panels | SECRET PANEL —Silver Age comics’ double entendres | SKRULLICISM | CURATED: 4CP FTW by John Hilgart | ANNOTATED GIF by Kerry Callen | FANCHILD by Adam McGovern


Comics, Spectacles

What do you think?

  1. That first image in the set could have lead in so many different directions.

    I started by putting on my slash goggles and was considering that shot of the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner in a close, erect flight pattern.

    But the eyes had it, and there were more than enough options to pick out a theme. Ditko’s Dormammu could’ve fit in here as well.

  2. Perfect, John!

    As Nietzsche noted when he slammed shut Fantastic Four Annual #3, “When I stare into the dots, the dots stare back into me!”

  3. To some extent, the 4CP Friday series is plumbing Hilgart’s unconscious, turning up Jungian archetypes.

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