4CP FTW (10)

By: John Hilgart
April 15, 2011

[Tenth in a series of 10 posts from John Hilgart’s mesmerizing comic-book details site, 4CP (Four Color Process). We’re thrilled to share Hilgart’s hi-lo way of seeing with our readers.]

Click on image for larger version.

In my old comics, I’ve only seen black halftone like this in Jim Steranko’s art and in the occasional advertisement. I don’t think the commercial artists doing the ads necessarily thought about process printing in the same way as the comics people, so they give you some interesting variations on the standard comic book look. Steranko was an ad man, and this zoom of the focal point in one of his typical late-Sixties compositions might be a trace of that background: “Well he can’t be a man ’cause he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me.”


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