4CP FTW (8)

By: John Hilgart
April 13, 2011

[Eighth in a series of 10 posts from John Hilgart’s mesmerizing comic-book details site, 4CP (Four Color Process). We’re thrilled to share Hilgart’s hi-lo way of seeing with our readers.]

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I can’t resist these lonely little figures in the background of so many comic book panels. They’re the supporting cast in the windows, streets, and crowds. Some artists and inkers took them pretty seriously, but when you blow them up, every micro-detail, hasty ink stroke, and printing anomaly becomes a defining trait of a large picto-human. They’re all individuals, and the best of them have a lot of pathos.

What I like about this image is the irresolution. My crop eliminates all bounded spaces, setting the remaining hints of illustrative perspective adrift in the flat field of dots. This man is caught in the second-and-a-half dimension.


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  1. This is an extraordinary image. 4CP keeps me going when times are tough, John. Don’t ever stop, please!

  2. Joshua, thanks. One of my favorite comments on the blog was someone saying that they look forward to viewing each day’s new post while drinking their morning cup of coffee. I don’t really know why the people who love the gallery love it – I wish they’d explain! – but I’m cheered by the idea that it is a meditative respite from the clamor of the web and of life in general.

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