4CP FTW (6)

By: John Hilgart
April 11, 2011

[Sixth in a series of 10 posts from John Hilgart’s mesmerizing comic-book details site, 4CP (Four Color Process). We’re thrilled to share Hilgart’s hi-lo way of seeing with our readers.]

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4CP’s voyeuristic indulgence is matched by all manner of strange and mysterious figures returning my gaze. Surveillance is a more common device in comics than I’d have guessed, and tiny spies are consistently reliable candidates for blow-ups. When I found these guys, I happened to be thinking about John Carpenter’s They Live, with its cast of surreptitious ghouls. I also really love the the candy store effect of juxtaposed CMY purple and green. This image was very popular, picked up by other bloggers from 4CP and adapted for avatars. I’ve lost track of the source, but it was a DC superhero comic.


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What do you think?

  1. Joshua, these guys are in every comic book. They try to stay out of sight, on pages you’re not looking at, so they’re hard to catch. I got this shot by leaving a comic on the scanner overnight and then scanning it without warning in the morning.

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