4CP FTW (2)

By: John Hilgart
April 5, 2011

[Second in a series of 10 posts from John Hilgart’s mesmerizing comic-book details site, 4CP (Four Color Process). We’re thrilled to share Hilgart’s hi-lo way of seeing with our readers.]

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This is a Raymond Chandler sentence, formalist and vernacular, with the culminating metaphor provided by the out of register printing.


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  1. Out of register printing makes an appearance in Chandler’s “Farewell My Lovely.”

    “They had Rembrandt on the calendar that year, a rather smeary self-portrait due to an imperfectly registered color plate. It showed him holding a smeared palette with a dirty thumb and wearing a tam-o’-shanter which wasn’t any too clean either. His other hand held a brush poised in the air, as if he might be going to do a little work after a while, is somebody made a down payment. His face was aging, saggy, full of disgust of life and the thickening effects of liquor. But it had a hard cheerfulness that I liked, and the eyes were as bright as drops of dew.”

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