Podcast 5: Tarde

By: James Parker
June 20, 2010

The 5th episode of our Radium Age science fiction podcast, “Parallel Universe: Pazzo,” is dedicated to the theme of ECO-CATASTROPHE. We recorded this episode on June 11, 2010. As always, the recording session was hosted by our friends at Pazzo Books, here in Boston.

LISTEN TO/DOWNLOAD James Parker reading an excerpt from Gabriel De Tarde’s Fragment d’histoire future (1905 in English, as Underground Man):

Podcast5-tarde by HILOBROW

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TITLE: “Parallel Universe: Pazzo — 5/ECO-CATASTROPHE”
HOST & PRODUCER: Joshua Glenn
READERS: Tor Aarestad, Ryan Mulcahy, Tom Nealon, Peggy Nelson, James Parker, Kristin Parker, Ingrid Schorr
THEREMIN: Peggy Nelson
SPONSOR: Pazzo Used, Rare & Out-of-Print Books (Tom Nealon, proprietor)
PUBLISHER: HiLobrow.com

The first half of “Parallel Universe: Pazzo — 5/ECO-CATASTROPHE” includes excerpts from Fred MacIsaac’s The Hothouse World (1931), Edmond Hamilton’s The Polar Doom (1928), George Allen England’s Darkness and Dawn (1914), and Gabriel De Tarde’s Fragment d’histoire future (1905 in English, as Underground Man). To hear individual readings, click on these links.


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