Bloomsday. Whoa.

By: Peggy Nelson
June 16, 2010

In honor of James Joyce’s monsterwork Ulysses I would like to propose, not a multi-locational reading, such as those in Dublin or Genoa, but a new, unabridged film. Starring none other than our own inimitable Keanu Reeves as Stephen Dedalus, who is in clearly need of a post-Matrix juggernaut to cheer him up.

Two great memes that taste great together. Happy Bloomsday. Dude.



What do you think?

  1. Am still beleaguered by thoughts of Keanu Reeves as Spike in the continuously-upcoming live action Cowboy Bebop movie. (It will be fantastic.)

    Although I agree: His Gnarlyness should back away from the sci-fi and focus on hilowbrow literary adaptations.

  2. So the protagonist would “rickroll” himself whenever things got too allusive or obscure!

    And you’re right, Shatner should be in there *somewhere ; )

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