THIS: Match

By: Adam McGovern
June 13, 2016



Malcolm X went to Mecca
and saw a brother, a sister with so many faces
he’d always spoken what he knew he was seeing
but only then did he have to be killed

A year we may live to remember
took down so many patron angels
of who you really are
like demolished divinities
in deserts with no end of dust

The earth, not the heavens, blazed forth
in purple light, amidst all colors
but not only princes die

That rainbow
rose in a deadened night
when half a hundred sacred lives
became first known to us
for how they died

The top scorer
with more bullets than we have tears,
or eyes
rang out,
to see how deeply, and how long
the rest of us still here can sleep

a.m. 6/12/2016

In addition to being a HiLobrow contributing editor and writer, Adam McGovern’s poems appear regularly on The Rumpus and at live salons and residencies in the New York City area.


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