Ellen Page

By: Jerrold Freitag
February 21, 2013

Ellen Page

Like many of our other favorite Canadians, ELLEN PAGE (born 1987) has access to an intellectual geography that Americans buried along the commodified Route 66. Within Page’s vast internal borders there’s no disparity between what’s funny and what hurts. Well before Juno, Page was already the sharpest knife in the drawer; check out her eight episodes of the great Canadian television drama camp ReGenesis (Quincy meets X Files). If you still hadn’t seen her by Trailer Park Boys, she freaked you out in Hard Candy. Citizen Page is so tuned in to the interconnectivity of environmental woes, she’s at its repair from its brightest angle in Vanishing of the Bees. She breathes life into interviews with Craig Ferguson and Leonardo DiCaprio; she makes Letterman nervous, makes Barbara Walters need a nap. Postmodernism bred actors who winked at us knowingly, signaling that they knew it was all a construct; all an act. I don’t mind pretending along with Ms. Page that things might instead be as they seem.

Ellen Page’s viral video “Stand Up Submission for Conan”:


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  1. I think Ms Page creates a hopeful future via a thoughtful and stretched out present. She is Slobrow.

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