Victor Ludi (8): Craptions

By: Patrick Cates
July 13, 2010

“I Can’t Believe it’s Not Shit. (Now in can form at participating retailers near you.)”

At the end of last month, HiLobrow readers were invited to consider the above picture of Piero Manzoni, dressed in what appears to be the scruffy fatigues of a lazy army draftee, and pausing amid his ablutions in the lavatory to tease the onlooker with a can of might-be-shit. Having considered this iconic image from the early days of Conceptual Art, readers were then expected to offer up a caption to explain, ridicule, enhance or deconstruct it. There were a number of entries, most of which achieved at least one of these objectives.

To choose the winning entry, I printed out each one separately, ate it and then examined the next 48 hours’ worth of stools to see which entry had most successfully weathered the acidic odyssey through my alimentary canal. This process identified the caption shown above. It was submitted by Chris (who, in offering only his first name, chose modesty over infamy). Congratulations, Chris. You will shortly be contacted by one of HILOBROW’s editors to arrange the dispatch of your Idler’s Glossary.

There will be a new Magister Ludi challenge in the near future. Stay tuned…