Victor Ludi (7): Immaterial Captions

By: Patrick Cates
June 14, 2010

BUZZATI: But Yves — doesn’t having a photographer present to make a record of events throw into question the immaterial nature of what we’re doing?

KLEIN: Shuddup big nose.


There you have it. The winning entry to the Immaterial Captions competition. It was sent in by Darren Smith who will win, for his minimal troubles, a signed copy of The Idler’s Glossary. I would like to reward the other contestants conceptually. I would like to present each of them with twenty grams of solid gratitude which they should sprinkle immediately into their nearest natural water source. Once that has been accomplished, I will print out this HiLobrow post and burn it.

A new Magister Ludi challenge will be concocted and revealed in the near future. Stay tuned…