By: Blanca Rego
February 18, 2022


A raindrop falls on the canal. And another. And another. The concentric circles created by the rain hitting the water spread to the streets of the city. A man takes his hand out of his pocket and turns the palm to the sky to check if it is raining. Yes, it is raining. Umbrellas open, windows close. The rain soaks the streets of Amsterdam, which soon empties to the rhythm of the raindrops falling on concrete… glass… metal. We hear the soothing tinkling and clattering of the rain, but only in our memories because Regen, like all the urban symphonies from the 1920s, is silent, unlike the rain.


One in a series of 10 posts, contributed by HILOBROW friend _blank (Blanca Rego). See this post for more info on Blanca’s fascination with rain.


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