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By: Marc Weidenbaum
May 21, 2020

Marc Weidenbaum’s original post: Personal-Space Age Music

Quanta Skyla by Grzegorz Bojanek

Accompanied by archival footage from the height of the Space Age, the track “Quanta Skylab” by the Polish musician Grzegorz Bojanek is the background music you’re looking for right now. We’re all aboard a spacecraft at the moment, Starship Earth. We’re hurtling around the sun in our individual or shared cabins, waiting for our respective captains to give the all-clear alert. None of us expect that message to appear anytime soon. We’re balancing work and family, privacy and community, aspirations and needs, responsibilities and desires, and making the best of a bad, worldwide situation. Bojanek’s music is the proper room tone for such a scenario — for our Personal-Space Age — especially the more solitary moments. Its shifting drones match the way time feels fluid and confusing. It embraces the newfound quiet without presenting a challenge. And it introduces melodic fragments but never expects your full attention.

Video originally posted at Bojanek’s YouTube channel. More from him at


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