HiLo Gift Ideas (1)

December 8, 2010

HILOBROW’s contributors and friends have created and produced amazing things in 2010. Between now and Xmas, we’ll list as many of these as we can think of. Some would make terrific gifts; others we just want to bring to your attention…

1) How Should a Person Be? a new novel by Sheila Heti, was published recently. Here’s the book’s website; here’s an excerpt.

2) Sara Ryan’s 2007 YA novel, The Rules for Hearts, is now available for the Kindle.

3) We greatly enjoyed Jordan Ellenberg’s Wired article about the new math of medical
, published back in February.

4) Our friend Deb Chachra published some research that shows that fluoride in the drinking water doesn’t have an appreciable effect on bone tissue. And her blog post on how musicians are hiding online was revelatory.

5) Richard Nash, whose bookfuturist publishing concern, CURSOR, is just about to hit the streets, gave a well-regarded future of publishing talk in Toronto.