Secret Panel (6)

By: Jason Grote
September 22, 2010

Sixth in a series of twelve posts celebrating our favorite Silver Age comic double entendres.

Veronica always struck me as being as sexually adventurous as she was domineering. No wonder Archie wound up marrying her.


PS: While I’m on the subject of attempts to make Archie relevant: as astute readers may know, the Riverdale universe recently introduced Kevin, an openly gay character. It’s been years since I’ve cracked an Archie comic, but I’d lay odds that Kevin is vanilla, asexual, and mildly fey — and that his stories will never approach anything as gloriously demented as the last two covers. This would seem to reinforce Foucault’s idea that sexual “liberation” is just a way of enforcing an even more rigid code of behavior.

BONUS: the sexually adventurous women of Riverdale!


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