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  1. Gaia versus The Marble? Or just more implicated and less alienated? In any case we certainly need a better “legacy products” strategy associated with it!

  2. I don’t think “earthrise” can be Earth’s brand — if, that is, we’re talking about Earth’s brand vis a vis other planets inhabited by species who engage in branding. America’s brand isn’t a photo of America, it’s, you know, the Statue of Liberty, the eagle, Mickey Mouse and Coca-Cola and the iPad, plus the World Trade Center (images of which used to appear, before 9/11, on fake-American products around the world; this is why the towers were targeted). The Earth’s brand would have to be about its collective values, actions, and cultural exports (to other planets), right? I’m thinking a soccer ball would have to be in there somehow. And David Hasselhoff as Knight Rider.

  3. Yep, that video should be engraved onto golden discs and sent into outer space to introduce Earth to other planets.

  4. There ought to be beetles in there, somehow. And not the fab four, but the coleopterans—of which, JBS Haldane suggested, Earth’s Creator seems so fond. Probably bacteria get a nod, too. Or liquid water.

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