September 30, 2012

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Our friend and HiLobrow contributor Franklin Bruno recently came up with the following high-lowbrow “DIY discominimal mashup” experience. Here are Bruno’s instructions.

STEP 1: Start the two songs below. They’ll go in and out of phase w/ each other, so it doesn’t matter which you start first or if there’s a gap of a few seconds.

STEP 2: Adjust relative volumes to taste.

STEP 3: Trip the fuck out for about 8 mins or as long as you can stand it.

“IN C”

Above: the semi-aleatory “In C” (1964), by Terry Riley — often cited as the first minimalist composition. It consists of 53 short, numbered musical phrases, lasting from half a beat to 32 beats; each phrase may be repeated an arbitrary number of times.


Above: “Love in C Minor,” the influential 1975–76 debut song by French disco drummer and singer-songwriter Marc Cerrone — in collaboration with Alec R. Costandinos.


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