Ceci est une pipe (5)

By: Joshua Glenn
June 19, 2010

One in an irregular, ongoing, and self-explanatory series of posts.

I recently noted that Orson Welles was an anti-fascist pipe smoker. Here are two French anti-fascist philosophers who smoked pipes, plus an anti-fascist pipe-smoking guerrilla.

Jean-Paul Sartre

Jacques Derrida

Subcomandante Marcos


Codebreaking, Semiotics

What do you think?

  1. It’s true that Stalin smoked a pipe. Or did he? I must say that in every Stalin portrait featuring a pipe, the pipe looks like it was pasted in. Also, pipe aficionados (I’m not one, by the way; just interested in what they mean) claim that Stalin never cleaned his pipe, and used cigarette tobacco in them. In other words, he was a fraud.

  2. It is only required that the Nazis (not us) believed he was a pipe smoker to ignite (heh) their campaign of ridicule.

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