OBJECTS update

By: Joshua Glenn
October 3, 2023

As previously noted, in the summer of 2015 Rob Walker and I met up in a Central Square thrift shop to be filmed by Vin Liota — who was inspired (in part) by our book Significant Objects, as well as my earlier book Taking Things Seriously, to make a documentary exploring how certain objects can help people “preserve memories, conjure experiences, and find meaning in their lives.” Rob and I appear in one or two scenes.

Vin Liota’s documentary Objects premiered at the DOCNYC 2021 festival and has been screened in several festivals since then. Here’s the update: Objects has been picked up by Freestyle Media and is officially available for streaming in the U.S. and Canada today.

You can now watch this fine film on these streaming services: Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, and YouTube Movies, not to mention Xbox, AT&T U-Verse, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network and Sling TV, IN DEMAND (Spectrum, Comcast), Vubiquity (Verizon Fios), and Vudu.

Here’s DOCNYC’s blurb for Objects:

A fifty-year-old clump of grass, a sweater that once belonged to a French actress, and a forty-year-old sugar egg have become emotional treasures for the unique characters in Vincent Liota’s endearing, entertaining, and existential film. An NPR correspondent, a literary author, and a graphic designer let us in on the secret life of the special objects they keep to preserve memories, conjure experiences, and find meaning in their lives.

You can find out more about the film here.