UNBORED Manifesto (1)

December 12, 2012

This fall saw the publication of HiLobrow editor Joshua Glenn’s book UNBORED: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun. Co-edited/authored with Elizabeth Foy Larsen, designed by Tony Leone, and featuring amazing contributions from over 30 DIY-ers, UNBORED is a collection of family activities, from the best of the old (e.g., crafts, bicycle repair, science experiments), to the best of the new (e.g., geocaching, yarn bombing, LED “graffiti”). But it’s more than an activities book; it’s a lifestyle guide. This series of posts will articulate the UNBORED ethos.



Kids today are increasingly tasked with mastering basic math and reading skills. But our society’s emphasis on testing has also meant that shop, music, and even science classes are falling by the wayside. Kids should learn how to make stuff — whether it’s a robot, a knitted hat, or a garden — in a hands-on, leisurely way that engages the imagination. It’s important for kids to develop skills and expertise around their passions, and stuff that you make yourself is always more charming and cool than stuff you buy.


Invent, grow, and build. | Hack, modify, and fix. | Get mobile, in town and in nature. | Plug into the world. | Seize control of your time. | Unearth the history of the present. | Transform your world. | Find a scene. | Experiment, gamify, make mistakes. | Break free.


Check out the UNBORED website, which features behind-the-scenes and original material. Stay up to date on UNBORED news via the book’s Facebook page. Follow UNBORED’s twitter feed.

Also check out the glowing compliments UNBORED has received from parents, reviewers, and Amazon users!


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