By: Joshua Glenn
May 6, 2010

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  1. I just found your list on Boing Boing and so excited about reading these books. Is there a way to print out just the titles?

  2. That’s a nice idea, maybe I’ll put something like that together…

  3. Hi. You are missing one very key text, Man’s World (1926) by Charlotte Haldane, the wife of the biologist J.B.S. Haldane and sister-in-law of Naomi Mitchison. More so than Rose Macaulay’s What-Not, it’s the novel that most strongly anticipates Huxley and Orwell. It’s been out of print for years!

  4. Hi there HiLoBrow, i found you by doing a search for a movie, if it might exist, for the André Gide novel Lafcadio’s Adventures. I just read it and kept thinking what a great funny, probably in French, movie it would be!! Your article is amazing, great plot summary. Another novel I always felt s/b a movie is The Orphan Master’s Son, about N Korea. It woukd be so scary. Probably nobody has dared make it bcz it would annoy Kim Jung Un sooo much! Anyway thanks for a very interesting website!!!

  5. Just to quick note to applaud you on your wonderful surveys of adventure and science-fiction. Reading your Adventure Lists is like taking a really great course in fantastic literature. I’m working through “the classics” on my blog and will be using your suggestions as helpful suggestions. I truly envy your book collection!

    Again, great job!

    Ed Chang

  6. Thanks so much, Ed! I owe a large debt of gratitude to my parents and one older cousin in particular, who supplied me with a lot of the (now-)classics when I was an impressionable adolescent.

  7. Are you still taking submissions for “nerdy” enthusiasms? I have a short article about a soul-searching jury duty experience that I have been wanting to share, but people kept telling me, “Most people try to avoid jury duty altogether… nobody is going to want to read about it.” After reading through the varied posts under “nerd your enthusiasm” I thought that maybe my article might have a home in under that classification. Please let me know.

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