The Book is a Weapon (7)

November 6, 2009

Gregory Green, <em>Book Bomb #8</em> (1994)
Gregory Green, Book Bomb #8 (1994)

Gregory Green’s Book Bomb #8 (1994).

From the artist’s gallery’s website:

Since the mid-1980’s Gregory Green has created performances and artworks exploring the evolution of empowerment, which consider the use of violence, alternatives to violence and the accessibility to information and technology as vehicles for social or political change.

Many of Green’s artistic investigations have focused on terrorism and the possibilities for sabotage of the physical infrastructure, and the ease in which individuals, armed with readily available information, can endanger the status quo. Green thoroughly researched and produced a series of pipe, book, suitcase and nuclear bomb sculptures. He also created several guided missiles that could be armed with conventional, bio-chemical or nuclear devices. These artworks, although containing no explosives, are otherwise carefully designed to be mechanically complete and potentially functional-including a 10-Kiloton nuclear device, minus only the needed plutonium.


Seventh in an occasional series.