Effloresce and Deliquesce

By: Peggy Nelson

The aura of ambiguity beckons in refusal; you can sense but not quite see. Something is out there. [Jackal Project, Andrew Sempere and Tangentlab, 2001-3] Every work of art is an attempt to bring something […]

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Winds of Magic (8): The wild poet

By: James Parker

In December 1984 a small but memorable press conference was held in an English pub. It had just been announced that Ted Hughes was to be the new Poet Laureate, and a media reception had […]

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Ted Hughes

By: David Smay

The very public tragedies in the life of TED HUGHES (1930-98) sometimes overshadow his work. He’s been blamed him for the murder/suicide of his second wife and daughter, and most famously for the suicide of […]

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