November 24, 2023

Sample LOST OBJECTS spread featuring story and art by Ben Katchor.

As HILOBROW readers know, late last year the LA-based art book publisher Hat & Beard Press published LOST OBJECTS (ed. Josh Glenn and Rob Walker, intro by Debbie Millman), a gorgeous book that evolved from nonfiction narratives and accompanying illustrations first published here at HILOBROW under the aegis of Project:Object.

Lost Objects makes a wonderful gift! Hat & Beard has just announced a whopping 30%-off sale on all titles in print! Use the checkout code THANKYOU30 when buying Lost Objects (or other in-print H&BP titles) from their website.


PS: Nice mention of LO in Products of Design‘s Ultimate Gift Guide for 2023. Here’s an excerpt:

We have all lost something that was meaningful — and that we’ll never forget. While we may never recover it, Lost Objects will teach us something new about why it mattered in the first place, and matters still.

Products of Design is a newsletter from the School of Visual Arts (SVA)’s Product Design Master’s Program.


More kind words about LOST OBJECTS:

“The contributors to this book have imbued a palpable, living soulfulness into the items that have disappeared or were misplaced or given away. Now — here in this book — that love can be discovered all over again.” — Debbie Millman | “This ridiculously entertaining book performs a neat conjuring trick. You will find your own lost objects flying back to you as you read about other people’s dearly departed things. The conceit is ingenious and the beautiful illustrations make each writer’s ‘rosebud’ flare into radiant life again.” — Jenny Offill | “These micro-tales are the best of the short confessional. They leave you with that same wonderful feeling you sometimes get on one of those special nights in the corner of a bar with a few friends.” — Air Mail | “Filled with exotic and eccentric things, this book proves that discarding hoarded items is not always the best way to take existential control of our lives.” — The Daily Heller