By: Joshua Glenn
August 10, 2023

Hat & Beard — publishers of Lost Objects, the beautiful coffee table book edition of the LOST OBJECTS stories and artwork first published here at HILOBROW — will have a booth at the LA Art Book Fair — which runs from August 10–13.

The LAABF, a celebration and international gathering for artists’ book publishers, will take place at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA — in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles.

One of several LOST OBJECTS art prints

Stop by the Hat & Beard booth to check out Lost Objects, plus a selection of poster-size prints from the book — which are two-thirds sold out, at this point.

Also! On Saturday evening at 7 pm, Hat & Beard is throwing a party at Zebulon (2478 Fletcher Dr.), which will feature a film screening and live music. TICKETS HERE.

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