June 19, 2015

unbored books and kits

NEW: From the team who brought you the acclaimed family activities books UNBORED: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun (Bloomsbury, 2012) and UNBORED Games (Bloomsbury, 2014)… it’s not one, but two UNBORED activity kits!

In cahoots with the brainy toy and game company MindWare, earlier this month UNBORED debuted the kits UNBORED Disguises and UNBORED Treasure Hunt.


UNBORED’s Josh Glenn (who is also editor of HiLobrow), Elizabeth Foy Larsen, and Tony Leone developed the concepts, wrote the instruction manuals, and designed the gorgeous boxes. UNBORED illustrator Mister Reusch decorated the boxes and manuals.


UNBORED Disguises

disguise kit

The UNBORED Disguises kit includes everything you’ll need in order to go undercover. Inside, you’ll find two sets of teeth, two beards, five mustaches, four pairs of glasses, eyebrows and sideburns, an eyepatch and a monocle, fancy gloves, a bandana, and a roll of gauze for fake injuries.

The 16-page Field Guide to Going Incognito suggests a few of the many personae (Urban Pirate, Mountain Jack, Fifties Hepcat, British Boffin, Nerd Zombie) that you might create using these items; it also offers tips on making your own scars and wounds, disguising your voice and style, and changing the way you walk.

PLUS: There’s a selection of colorful temporary tattoos drawn by Mister Reusch.

disguise kit


UNBORED Treasure Hunt

unbored treasure

The UNBORED Treasure Hunt kit includes everything you’ll need to create treasure hunts that take place within a single room, throughout the house, or across an entire neighborhood. Inside, you’ll find a paintable wooden treasure chest, a paint set and brush, treasure chest stickers, a compass and penlight, a mapmaker pad, printed and blank clue cards and envelopes, and prize certificates.

PLUS: Gems of Awesomeness!

The 12-page Field Guide to Hiding & Seeking Prizes explains how to set up various sorts of cooperative and competitive treasure hunts, whether indoors or outdoors — not to mention hacks that involve smartphones, timed hunts, rhymed clues, and more.

treasure hunt kit


Back in February, the magazine FAMILY FUN named the UNBORED kits one of their favorite offerings — selected for “creativity, trend-setting potential, value, and fun factor” — at the 2015 American International Toy Fair!

You can order UNBORED Disguises and UNBORED Treasure Hunt from MindWare, or purchase them at toy stores that carry MindWare products.

PS: In October, Bloomsbury will publish a second spinoff book: UNBORED Adventure. Now available for pre-order! The UNBORED project continues to evolve.

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