Millions of Dead Cops

June 17, 2012

Our friends at New Wave Time Warp remind us that the Austin, Texas-based anticapitalist hardcore act MDC’s debut “Millions of Dead Cops” album came out June 16, 1982. Thirty years ago yesterday!

The self-released LP featured such tunes as “John Wayne Was a Nazi” and “Dick for Brains.” Here’s the album’s anti-police anthem “I Remember.”

MDC also stood for More Dead Cops, Millions of Deformed Children, Multi Death Corporations, Millions of Damn Christians, Magnus Dominus Corpus, Male Dominated Culture, Metal Devil Cokes, and Missile Destroyed Civilization.


Kudos, Punk

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  1. It’s funny to find this here. This is, in my opinion, the most underrated hardcore album of all time.

    It has a certain over-the-topness to it, and the themes are pure early-80s hardcore cliche. A lot of people can’t get past that, and it’s never been an album that anybody took seriously. It’s remembered mostly for the novelty of “John Wayne was a Nazi,” which in fact is one of its weaker songs.

    That’s too bad, because it’s actually a very emotional record, and even the thrashiest songs are carefully crafted.

  2. You also should include a picture of the LP’s back cover. The Buxf Dicks drawing of the cop/klansman was iconic in its day, replicated in white acrylic paint on the back of many a leather jacket.

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