Sex Bomb

By: Joshua Glenn
October 19, 2011

Our friends at New Wave Time Warp remind us that Flipper’s amazing “Sex Bomb” single came out 30 years ago yesterday! It’s a seven-minute track with only one lyric: “She’s a sex bomb, my baby, yeah.”

I loved Flipper when I was a teen because they were serious without being earnest; they were ironic. They were anti-scenesters. I could relate.

Live version:

There’s also a video for the single’s B-side, “Brainwash”:


Kudos, Punk



What do you think?

  1. One of the great great riffs. Someone ought to compile a mix of all the songs that descend from the uber-riff of VU’s “Sister Ray.”

  2. Jonathan Richman’s “Roadrunner” is definitely a child of “Sister Ray.”

    Maybe the Vulgar Boatman’s “Drive Somewhere”?

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