DC — The New 52 (3)

By: Joshua Glenn
October 9, 2011

On August 31st, DC Comics launched a “historic renumbering” of its entire line of comic books with 52 first issues. DC sent me all 52 first issues, and I handed them over to Max, a superhero comics fan of my acquaintance — who turned 11 on October 7th. Here is the third installment in a series of Max’s reviews.


Green Lantern #1: It had a lot to do with Sinestro becoming the new Green Lantern. I felt bad that Hal Jordan got his Lantern privileges yanked. I like how Hal Jordan saw a girl getting beat up, jumped across a balcony and through a window, and then realized it was just a movie. That was funny. The graphics were definitely good. And there wasn’t very much gore, which is good.

Green Lantern Corps #1: There was a little violence and gore at the beginning, but I’ve always been interested in the Green Lantern Corps, so I want to keep reading this series. There was a lot of information about the Corps in the beginning — all the different colors of lanterns.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #1: That was interesting because they found a new Green Lantern to recruit. All these rings fly to the Green Lantern, and all these other lantern rings fly to him — I didn’t know what was happening, and I enjoyed the story.

Green Lantern: Red Lanterns #1: Too gory and gruesome. I don’t like how blood is always flowing out of their mouths. They seem stupid, and they fight each other all the time. But the graphics were pretty good.


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  1. I don’t like gore either. Mouth blood is the worst. It’s like vomit and blood and spit at the same time. Avoid.

    I wouldn’t worry about understanding the story. I expect you’ll have seen old people’s comics from the 60s and 70s.

    The colours and drawings are way more detailed, way more sophisticated now, but I often don’t understand the story. And I have been to Oxford Unieversity to study Enlgish. I figure that the pretty pictures have taken over form the art of clear storytelling.

    When I was a young whipper-nipper I read comics called ‘Marvel Two-In=One (monthly Thing team-ups) or Nova. These you could understand, whoever you were. Sometimes the stories were bad, but you could understand them.

    Anyway, I am a great believer in half-knowing stuff. Learn a bit then imagine what the rest might be. See where i gets you. Use this approach to fill the gaps in stories, and in life in general. Use sparingly, not for all studies of course.

    I’m enjoying this review because I’m mostly a Marvel reader but do feel I should pay some attention to the Green guys. They’ve done a lot of intergalactic piece after all.

    Happy reading and thanks for taking the time to write this epic review!

  2. Thanks so much for the comments! I always get happy when I’m on a website or on TV ( I’m not usually on TV though.) And I’m being mentioned I’d like to meet you and your son though. Thanks again!

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