DC — The New 52 (1)

By: Joshua Glenn
October 7, 2011

On August 31st, DC Comics launched a “historic renumbering” of its entire line of comic books with 52 first issues. DC sent me all 52 first issues, and I handed them over to Max, a superhero comics fan of my acquaintance — who turned 11 today. (Happy Birthday, Max!) Here is the first installment in a series of Max’s reviews.


Action Comics #1: It was OK. Superman was more violent — which I kinda liked, but kinda didn’t. He beat up some businessmen, even though they weren’t gangsters. I liked how he wore jeans and seemed more like an average person than he usually does. There was one detail that I thought was fascinating. It was where Superman was being chased by the cops, and someone is holding up their cellphone to try to video him — the image on the phone’s screen is the exact image of Superman. Neat.

Superman #1: I definitely liked it. I thought it was more on the classic Superman side — there’s a threat to the city, he beats it up, and he’s a hero. It was one of my favorite of the new 52. They’re building this metrodome, and these two guys are watching a fire on a security cam — but it disappears, so one of the guys goes out to find out. It turns into a fiery hellstorm, so I felt bad for him. But I liked how mysterious that was.

Superboy #1: It was interesting how they changed Superboy’s story — they made him a clone. It reminds me of a movie I’ve heard about, where somebody thinks they’re living their real life but they’re in a virtual world instead. It was cool how smart Superboy was.

Supergirl #1: It went very quickly and they didn’t explain very much about Supergirl’s backstory. But the action scenes were pretty excellent. I liked how she didn’t know what planet she was on, and didn’t speak any Earth languages. There’s a good scene at the end — but I can’t reveal what it is, exactly.


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  1. I liked your comment on the phone image — it’s interesting to think how we see stuff through different stuff and think of them in different ways, and the thing that is revealing this idea to you, is itself an abject that you like it.

    sometimes it’s fun to get lost in the imaginary world, sometimes its just as much fun to think about how and why stories and pictures are being done in this way, and not another.

    Fantastic work…. i am very busy so if I don’t always comment it doesn’t means I haven’t read your piece…I think you’d like to meet my son Sam one day (lives in London, just turned 13.) He lacks your comics knowledge but knows about other stuff.

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