File X (20)

By: Joshua Glenn
August 30, 2010

In response to the demands of HiLobrow, Boing Boing, io9, and Coudal readers, here’s the twentieth in what is now a series of twenty posts showcasing my collection of midcentury paperbacks the titles of which include an “X.”

The Face of X (1960), by Lionel Roberts.


Zero Minus X, by Karl Zeigfreid (1962).

NB: Lionel Roberts and Karl Zeigfreid are pseudonyms of R L(ionel) Fanthorpe, who also wrote under the excellent pen names Othello Baron, Erle Barton, Lee Barton, Thornton Bell, Leo Brett, Bron Fane, Mel Jay, Marston Johns, L P Kenton, Oben Lerteth, John E Muller (with John S Glasby), Elton T Neef, Phil Nobel, Peter O’Flinn, Rene Rolant, Victor la Salle, Deutero Spartacus, Neil Thanet, Trebor Thorpe, Pel Torro, and Olaf Trent.

BONUS! Here are several other “X” titles by Fanthorpe, via the excellent website Fantastic Fiction.

The X-machine (1962), by John E Muller.

Phenomena X (1966), by John E Muller.

Force 97X (1965), by Pel Torro.

Formula 29X (1969), by Pel Torro.


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