File X (17)

By: Joshua Glenn
August 27, 2010

In response to the demands of HiLobrow, Boing Boing, io9, and Coudal readers, here’s the seventeenth in what is now a series of twenty posts showcasing my collection of midcentury paperbacks the titles of which include an “X.”

The Man from Planet X No. 2: Tiger by the Tail (1975), by Hunter Adams.

Hunter Adams was a pseudonym of Jim Lawrence, who — using the house pseudonym Victor Appleton II — wrote 24 installments in the “Tom Swift Jr.” series (including Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X [!!!], 1961) and the racy-sounding Tom Swift and His Megascope Space Prober, 1962), and who also penned 9 Hardy Boys books under the house pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon.

NB: In my eccentric periodization scheme, “midcentury” lasts through the end of the Sixties (1964-73), so I’m cheating a little by including this title. OK, and I’m also cheating because the title of the book is Tiger by the Tail, which doesn’t include an X. But check out the curves on that… er, letter X!


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