Pantene Meme (5)

By: Joshua Glenn
August 20, 2010

And one said smiling ‘Pretty were the sight
If our old halls could change their sex, and flaunt
With prudes for proctors, dowagers for deans,
And sweet girl-graduates in their golden hair.
I think they should not wear our rusty gowns,
But move as rich as Emperor-moths, or Ralph
Who shines so in the corner; yet I fear,
If there were many Lilias in the brood,
However deep you might embower the nest,
Some boy would spy it.’
At this upon the sward
She tapt her tiny silken-sandaled foot:
‘That’s your light way; but I would make it death
For any male thing but to peep at us.’

— Alfred Lord Tennyson, from “The Princess, A Medley”


Fifth in a series of five photographs — found on Flickr — that had been tagged with the phrase “Pantene Moment.”


Semiotics, Spectacles