Artist in Residence: Peggy Nelson

November 30, 2009 is not opposed to the “guest blogger.” But it’s a waxy concept, sticky and vexing, isn’t it? Guests have been deployed by too many blogs for everything from vacation coverage to boredom-bandaging. Uncanny guests are the only kind that get our juices flowing, so we’ve hit upon the idea of guest-blogging as a form of art — a kind of making by means of link posts, jarring juxtapositions, deep-seated consilience, and intractable contradiction.

Starting today, for one month at a time we’ll invite an artist whose output we admire to post her own work to the site, and to share with us her input. Please join us in welcoming’s first Artist in Residence.


Peggy Nelson works with the ideas that drive new-media productions from robots and light-up dresses to Burning Man, Second Life, and Twitter. Her avatars, 2D barcodes, traffic cones, polaroids, and fashion projects playfully address questions of identity, virtual reality, science, and the social construction of reality, not to mention the metaphors via which we construct our silicon models and social spaces.


Nelson also collaborates with other artists on films, websites, and installations; and — in addition to writing for — she writes about film, culture-jamming, reenactments, and anything D.I.Y. She’s recently lived in San Francisco, New York, Prague, Berlin, and (at the moment) Boston.



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