The Tell-Tale Flannel Ball

By: Joshua Glenn
February 10, 2010

Rob Walker and I are wrapping up Significant Objects volume 2, this week. Today, we’ll publish the 48th of 50 stories in that volume; proceeds will be donated to the tutoring program 826 National. Speaking of wrapping up, of my favorite stories that we’ve published recently, by friend and contributor Luc Sante, concerns an innocent-looking ball of flannel. Excerpt:

Time passed. The seasons came and went: hockey, muskrat, sweeps week, estrus. I grew a mustache and shaved it off, twice. I enjoyed the stylings of eight cars for varying lengths of time. I fell in love with Sheila, Bambi, Marla, Candy, Darla, Brandy, and Concepción. At work I climbed from office boy to field officer to regional sales manager to CFO, and then back down again. My apartment grew ever denser with stuff. I could barely move around, and tended to use and wear only things from the top layer, a fleeting category. One time I was poking around for some itch cream when my hand grasped the ball. I couldn’t move it.

Read the whole thing. The auction for the flannel ball ends on February 12. Starting price: $1.50. Current price: $19.50.



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